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Settings and Analysis Description

The default settings of parameters that drive the solution analysis are optimized to ensure sufficient accuracy and efficiency of the analysis. Nevertheless, an experienced user may require to change the default setting, or to examine the influence of parameters on the accuracy and course of the analysis. The parameters setting can be adjusted in the "Analysis settings" dialog window.

However, the change of standard setting deserves a word of caution. Prior to making any changes, the user should be well aware of possible consequences. In particular, improper setting may substantially slow down the computation process, may cause divergence and eventually lead to incorrect results.

  • Solution method
  • Change of stiffness matrix
  • Initial solution step
  • Maximum number of iterations
  • Convergence criterion
  • Newton-Raphson method setting
  • Arc-length method setting
  • Line search method
  • Plasticity

The default setting can be always recovered by pressing the "Standard" button.

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