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General Wall Shape

Input of general wall shape in a new task

The program allows to input general wall shape in two ways:

1. Input of general wall shape using points

Pressing the icon with question mark on the "Wall geometry scheme" tool bar will create a rectangular shape and the first structure point [0,0]. A minimum input number of points is 3 (in case a smaller number is input, the program will show an error message).

"Geometry" frame - new task

By using the "Add" button, which opens the "New point" dialog window, more structure points are input (it is possible to input points by clicking on the desktop).

"Geometry" frame - general wall shape input using points

Input points are being added to the table, and it is then possible to edit them, insert more in between and delete them using the desired buttons "Edit", "Insert" and "Remove" or by clicking the points on the desktop in the corresponding mode. Points can be moved right on the desktop by mouse after clicking on the special icon .

"Geometry" frame- edit points

The maximum inclination of footing bottom is considered 45°. In case of wrong inclination of footing bottom input, or if the wall shape is intersecting, the program checks the general geometry of the wall and warns the user of an error. In that case, the wall geometry has to be changed.

Frame "Geometry" - point input error message

2. Input of general wall shape using general shape generator

The structure defined by the scheme of construction and its dimensions can be taken to the general wall shape input by pressing the "Generate general shape" button. It is possible to work with the newly generated points and edit the generated wall shape.

"Geometry" frame - input of general wall shape using general shape generator

Frame appereance is then changed as in the first case of general wall shape input. It is possible to work with the picture of the structure as already described.

"Geometry" frame - frame appereance after point input

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