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Results Tool Bar

The control bar contains the following operating elements:

Control bar "Setting visualization of graphical outputs"

Individual elements operate as follows:

Values in stages of analysis

  • displays calculated values (either total or incremental values with respect to the selected stage of construction can be seen)

Variable type

  • displays the selected variable

Surface plot

  • turns on/off plotting of isolines, isosurfaces


  • turns on/off the style of plotting the FE mesh (only edges, or according to the setting in the "Drawing settings : Analysis" dialog window

Displacements plot

  • selects the style of plotting deformed mesh - undeformed/deformed (deformed by the magnitude, deformed by the coefficient)

The tool bar contains the most often used operating elements needed to view the results on the desktop. Detailed setting of the style of plotting the results is available in the "Drawing Settings : Analysis" frame.

Similar to our other programs the results can be saved and printed. The plotting style can be adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" frame.

Testen Sie die GEO5 Software selbst. Ohne Berechnungseinschränkungen.