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Earth Pressures

GEO5 software considers following earth pressure categories:

  • active earth pressure
  • passive earth pressure
  • earth pressure at rest

When computing earth pressures, the program allows to distinguish between effective and total stress state and to establish several ways of calculation of uplift pressure. In addition, it is possible to account for the following effects having on the earth pressure magnitude:

  • influence of surcharge
  • influence of water pressure
  • influence of broken terrain
  • friction between soil and back of structure
  • adhesion of soil
  • influence of earth wedge at cantilever jumps
  • influence of earthquake

The following sign convention is used in the program, text and presented expressions.

When specifying rocks, it is also necessary to input both cohesion of rock c and the angle of internal friction of rock φ. These values can be obtained either from a geological survey or from the table of recommended values.