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Common Input

This chapter contains explanations common to more GEO5 programs:

  • Input and Edit of Soils
  • Interface in 2D Enviroment
  • Input of Objects nad Data
  • Assigning Soils
  • Design Coeffiicient
  • Running Several Analyses / Verifications

Very important function in all GEO5 programs is possibility to define Construction Stages.

Some GEO5 programs allows to run another GEO5 programs with automatical data transfer.

Basic functions for work with graphical outputs in programs FEM, Settlement are described on pages:

  • Saved Views
  • Setting a Color Range

Following pages describe Data Import:

  • DXF Import and Export
  • Table Data Import
  • Import LandXML

Clipboard functions are described on pages:

  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Geoclipboard