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To support universities and encourage teachers and students in use of our software, we have created a GEO5 Educational Package.
It is designed as a network licensed package consisting of all our programs in a fully functional version at a fraction of the regular costs.

300 universities worldwide use our software
The benefits
Affordable pricing for universities
10 or 50 seats in the network
All programs in the latest versions
Up to date training materials

What is included in the GEO5 Educational Package?

  • All available GEO5 programs
  • Fully functional versions
  • Latest releases

Who can use the Educational Package?

All accredited universities and institutions offering geotechnical courses leading to an engineering degree.
The package may only be used for educational purposes.

Subscription Options

We offer a 1, 3, or 5 year subscription options for the Educational Package.

Seats in the Classroom

The Educational Package subscription comes with Small (10) or Large (50) Lab network license.

1 year 3 years 5 years
Small Lab up to 10 users 750 EUR 850 USD 2000 EUR 2300 USD 3000 EUR 3450 USD
Large Lab up to 50 users 1000 EUR 1150 USD 2500 EUR 2900 USD 3600 EUR 4150 USD

Training and teaching materials

We provide support and many learning materials to facilitate your teaching.

  • Engineering Manuals
  • Video Tutorials
  • Verification Manuals
  • Online Help
  • Example Data Files

More about Training materials

Mehr Erfahrungsberichte


Are there any differences between the GEO5 programs and the GEO5 Educational versions?

There are not any functional differences, only the output reports in Educational programs can be saved in a non-editable format and contain the watermark ‘Educational license’.

How is the Educational Package protected?

The Educational License comes with a Hardware Network Key that must be plugged into one of the computers on the network. The price of the key for a small or large classroom is 130 EUR and 160 EUR respectively. The key is paid once and is not part of the subscription.

How to renew the GEO5 Educational Package?

The Educational Package can be renewed at the end of the period for another 1-3-5 years by e-mail sent to hotline@finesoftware.eu or to your local dealer.

What happens if the GEO5 Educational Package subscription is not renewed?

If the subscription of GEO5 Educational Package is not renewed, the license expires, and the teachers nor students will no longer be able to continue using the GEO5 software.

Is it possible to subscribe to the FIN EC Educational Package?

Yes, FIN EC Educational Package is available as well. The price is half of the GEO5 subscription. Contact us at hotline@finesoftware.eu or contact your local dealer.

Interested in Educational Package subscription? Please fill the form.

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