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Settings List

The "Settings list" dialog window allows to choose the current "Settings", which will then drive both the calculation and verification analysis of the given task.

This list contains two types of settings:

  • basic, which accompanies the software distribution and cannot be edited or deleted
  • user, which is defined by the user

The list applies to all GEO5 programs, only some of the Settings can be restricted to a specific program.

For lucidity, only Settings, which are checked in the "Settings Administrator" as visible, are displayed. When running the program the first time, the Settings visibility is determined according to the country of destination. Subsequently, the program remembers the changes made by the user.

To work efficiently with the GEO5 programs, it is for most countries sufficient to create one or several specific "Settings". Then, for the solution of individual tasks the user just selects the particular Setting. The analysis methods, values of coefficients and the verification methodology then do not need to be specified. This results in a lucid and simpler work with the given program.

"Settings list" dialog window